How To Use Colours To Sell More

Attend to the meaning of colors and the effect they produce on our emotions is vital to connect with our audience. Each color conveys specific sensations that we must know perfectly.

Most of the time, customers choose what to buy based on the color of the product or brand , although they do not always do so in a conscious way.

The meaning of colors is defined mainly by the effect they have on our emotions and the cultural background that society has given them since their origins.

To take advantage of these effects and meanings, it is necessary to know what you want to convey with the product and what is the ideal color to attract the attention of the target audience.

Red color

It is the most used color in marketing as it attracts people’s attention and is associated with intense emotions such as sensuality, love, blood, and danger .

It has a very high visibility, which is why it is often used in important notices, prohibitions and caution calls.

Color blue

Reflects the sky and the water, promotes calm, productivity and serenity . It is also synonymous with trust and security.

On the other hand, blue is a preferred color for men, so in general, it is a good color for specialized products for them.

Green color

Represents nature par excellence. It is a very versatile color , full of health and good intentions .

People interpret it as something fresh and growing, that is why, if you do not know what color to use for the brand, green is a color that never fails.

Yellow color

Bright and eye-catching, yellow is a risky color .

Although it represents the color of joy, light and happiness, it can also be associated with cowardice and distrust , so you must know how to use it correctly.


It is associated with youth and innovation , that is, with pure energy.

It is used by many sports companies, energy drinks and others that seek to renew their image with a new proposal.

Pink colour

It is the color of childhood, femininity and innocence . Because it is bright and cheerful, it attracts the female world very much.

White color

Reflects innocence and purity. It is associated with new beginnings, it reflects cleanliness, equality and unity .

Color Black

Elegant and dramatic , it seeks to highlight the other colors that accompany it. It is widely used to accompany high-class jewelry and clubs.

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