Make Your House Safer For Your Kids

Make Your House Safer For Your Kids

Most babies start to crawl when they are eight months old, but a few start moving and crawling early. In such a case small convertible car seats, it is better to baby proof the house for your kid’s safety; baby gates are the best option when it comes to baby-proofing as they protect the kids from falling and getting hurt. Baby gates to keep kids safe are the best form of baby proofing but finding the right baby gate for your child’s protection is very important. 

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There are two things one should do before buying a gate for baby proofing

The following are two important things that you should know before buying a gate for baby proofing-

  • Decide the area that you want to put the baby gate; for this, it is important to measure the gate’s area.
  • With the measurement of the home area, it is also important to measure the baby. This is necessary so that the babies are unable to pull themselves over the gate. For taller babies, there are extra tall baby gates also available in the market.


Types of baby gates 

  • Easy close metal gate: This is the best pressure mounted baby gate available in white and bronze. The best part about this gate is that it doesn’t require any assembling. It can be easily installed, and it also has two extensions with it if you want to expand the width.
  • Deco baby gate- It has a lovely bronze finish which makes the gate look very amazing.  This one also has the option of hardware mounting the gate. One drawback about this gate is that the door is slightly narrower, which is not good if you are plus-sized. 
  • Infant deco wood and metal 5-foot gate- This is one of the best pressure mounted gate in the market; this gate’s quality is amazing, which is why it is not cheap. This gate is made up of wood and slate, which gives it a lively look. This gate is even wider, which makes it easy to walk through.

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The Space Constraints of Baby Gates

As mentioned, the baby pianos are smaller in size than Gates, and it is merely 5ft high from the ground, which is less than the Gates. Owing to its size, it can fit into any room easily, and you can add glamour to any room of your house with ease. Moreover, the owners must keep attention to the placement of the piano. It must be away from the ceiling vent, radiator, heat, windows, doors etc. It must be placed in a room where the temperature is moderate and constant. This will improvise the durability of the piano and keep the wood safe from damaging.                      

There are many other baby gates also, but these three are the ones that should be considered. They are available in all sizes and heights as every house has a different measurement of the area. To measure the height of both the area and the child before baby proofing.

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