What We Do

The programs we are offering at the moment connect you on -line to the AGS of MN with whom we have formed a close collaborative relationship. Through this collaboration, students from the greater New York (and Tri-State area) are able to participate in various on-line courses for graduate credit at the AGS of MN (after having met admission requirement for the AAI-NY) they may be granted transfer credits for these courses.

A combination of appropriate and requisite courses combined with supervision and training analysis may then lead to certification in Adlerian Psychotherapy by the AAI-NY.This program addresses training needs of licensed or licensable individuals and others who would like to enhance their Adlerian skills. To find out more about this, please contact us on line or at 212.662.4193.

Another program we are featuring is on line through individual, weekly, SKYPE video sessions in which an Adlerian concept or practice is taught weekly for twelve sessions or at the participant's convenience. The participant becomes the subject of the session. In this unique way, Adlerian practices and skills are learned through a richer and focused understanding of him/herself.  The participant prepares for sessions using material provided on each session's topic.  This program addresses the needs and interests of those people who want to further their understanding of Adlerian concepts through a deeper understanding of themselves.  The program is called LEAP: The Life Course Effective Action Program and is arranged in 'life patterns on such topics as family influences, parental roles, birth order and sibling positions as well as other other basic Adlerian topics.  To find out more about this program, please contact us on line: www.aai-ny.org or at 212.662.4193. 

In addition, we offer workshops. Samples of workshops include:

  • Intimacy and Relationships
  • Dreams and Early Memories
  • Parenting
  • Birth Order and Family Constellation
  • Adler and Buddhism

These and other topics may be developed from the expressed needs of the community.

The Alfred Adler Center for Mental Health continues to offer psychotherapy on a sliding scale.