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Adleri-ann's Thoughts and Ideas

  • Hey!  Did you ever wonder where you can find out about the many contributions that have been made which make  our lives easier and more enjoyable?  I'll give you three guesses! OK,  I'll give you a hint.  They are in the newspapers that we read. Give up?  They're in the Obituaries.  The names are of
  • I am standing in front of a food stand deciding to buy a hotdog, when I hear these two guys, owners of the stand, talking about chess.  My ears perk up.  This is not the usual topic I would expect to hear.  Asking the nature of the conversation I learn that in Midieval times when Kings didn't have e
  • How many of you have ever heard this said?  'It's about time!'  It might have been when you were young and your mother or father was tired of waiting for you to do something and you finally did what you were asked; and their tone implied it had taken you too long to complete the task.  It's as if th
  • I bet you've wondered about a dream.  What could it mean?  I have been asked about dreams a lot.  But from an Adlerian point of view the only way to explain a dream is to understand the thoughts and ideas of the dreamer.  Yes, I know there are many books on dreams and they even explain the symbols a
  • Have you ever noticed that an idea you had, didn't make sense? That's silly you might even tell yourself.  But nonetheless you continue to hold on to it.  Have you ever wondered why?  Probably not, since most of us don't generally question our beliefs.  You might even say out loud or to yourself,  '

Professional Certificate

This program is for already qualified mental health professionals who want to study the fundamentals of Adlerian theory and practice. Students complete one year of studies (which may be spread out over a maximum of four years) to supplement their existing professional training.