Danica Deutsch

Danica Deutsch, nee Bruckner (born August 16 1890 in Sarajevo , Bosnia Herzegovina , then Austria-Hungary , died December 24th 1976 in New York, USA ) was an Austrian-American psychologist , educator and representative of the Individual Psychology .

1909 Danica made a German as a language teacher training in Vienna, which they with a summer course in French and psychology at the University of Geneva completed.  She was a teacher for a short time in Sarajevo, learned but before the First World War, the circle of Alfred Adler know and attended the sessions at his house.  In 1912 she married Dr. Leonhard Deutsch, a music teacher and individual psychologists, with whom she had two daughters.

After Adler's discussions could be continued in 1918, she was soon active individual psychologist.  As part of the Society for Individual Psychology held her papers, worked as an educational consultant and also held classes on self-education. From 1931 to 1934, she was a board member of the association.  From 1932 to 1934, she was with the organization and direction of the working group for mothers and fathers, entrusted a discussion group on education issues for parents and teachers. She also served as editor of the newsletter for individual-events ".

In 1938 she emigrated to the United States, where they at the College of Music in Jacksonville / Florida in both theory and practice of individual psychology teacher conducted classes.  In New York City she worked with others emigrated individual psychologists in a child care facility.  They also organized public individual psychology courses and lectures and was secretary of the New York group. In 1948 she founded the Alfred Adler Consultation Center, an individual psychological counseling for poor people. When this was changed in 1954 in a Mental Hygiene Clinic, she was for many years the Executive Director. She led until 1973, the Alfred Adler Institute in New York. After that they were still teaching, and held psychotherapy sessions.